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About The Broscientist

Alessandro Ferrari

This photo proves that I can actually be serious sometimes.

Here I am, Alex, The Broscientist.

Before morphing into a bro who happens to be an actual scientist, my real life name is Alessandro Ferrari but you can call me Alex.

No, I’m not related to the Ferrari car. Thanks for asking.

What’s my story?

Here it goes:

  1. fat kid
  2. made fun of
  3. starts eating little and exercise compulsively (just crunches all day long ofc)
  4. loses weight
  5. gets skinny and weak af
  6. stays like that for years.

Then SCIENCE! #insert mystical jingle here#

Tinkerer and avid reader since I could barely read, one day around 19 years old, I had the epiphany:

“wait a second, I can actually understand how my body works and do whatever I want with it!”

So I enrolled in the medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology bachelor degree, got that. Then Master degree, got that. Then Ph.D. in biochemistry, got that.

But knowledge is useless without application. Therefore I used myself as a guinea pig for my biohacking experiments. I was reading all these scientific papers about nutrition and training and decided to see if science actually works.

Let me bring you the shocking news: SCIENCE WORKS! #smiling angels all falling down the sky surrounding me chanting godly tunes#

My transformation

I got from skinny mofo to “hey look that sexy short Italian boy, I’d do him”, I got six pack abs and I got so strong that other guys at the gym are asking me if I take something (to which I always reply: “olive oil my friend, olive oil is the answer”).

What’s in for you here?

TONS of stuff.

Do you remember all those scientific papers I told you I read?

Well, I’m gonna regurgitate the whole thing here and teach you all you need to know about nutrition and training to get the body that you want.

Actually, if you want the nutrition blueprint that I use with my clients, check out my free ebook “Eat Like A Human, Train Like A God”.

Being a renaissance man myself and having the old Romans as ancestors, I believe in mens sana in corpore sano which means “healthy mind in healthy body”.

Hence, on the Broscientist, you are not only going to read about training and nutrition but also how to achieve the mindset of the winner, how to get most out of life, how to become a more well-rounded person. Ah, and I’m gonna talk also about bio-hacking (sleep hacking, smart drugs, testosterone boosting, quantified self, etc.).

For now, you can read some articles here or watch my YouTube videos (plenty of stuff to watch!). Also keep in contact with me on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to ask me any question and I will get back to you!

Look, I’m small (5’ 7”), I have a small frame and very lousy genetic potential for muscle gain.

Yet I achieved results and I want YOU to achieve the same.

There are no excuses and everything but death (for now) is conquerable.

Clients Results

the Broscientist coaching program results

Giorgio, 4 months transformation (and he's not even flexing...)

What Others Say About Me

Menno Henselmans Online physique coach, fitness model and scientific author

Of the 176 registered students in the Bayesian PT Course in his year, Alessandro Ferrari achieved the highest score of them all and was one of only 2 people graduating magna cum laude.

Shawn H. Dutch Junior Powerlifting Champion

If you're looking for advice on basically everything you need to know for being a true Bro in the gym. Then you're at the right place. On here Alex a.k.a. The Broscientist will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition, training and all around fitness backed up by science and the occasional cursing.

Giorgio K.

Alex is an excellent trainer. He has an outstanding knowledge about body building and nutrition. Moreover, his learning about that, is science-based, no bullshit! In 7 weeks I gained 2kg of muscles and I got six pack abs!

Click here to see the transformation pic.

Sarah E.

Alex is a great trainer. He has the ability to teach and get you excited about nutrition and fitness in a simple matter. Due to his interpersonal skills, there is a comfortable and open atmosphere, which gives me the freedom to ask questions at all times. Simply an excellent teaching environment to develop myself!

Vlad S.

Genuine, transparent and knowledgeable. Alex knows how to add value and get the best out of anyone.

Klaas B.

Alex is a fantastic coach and trainer. He listens well and gives great advice. However, the thing that sets him aside from other trainers is the fact that he is willing to do proper research and dig through loads of scientific papers. It is this willingness and mindset that will ensure you that he will always give you the right answers to your questions and concerns.

Radu S.

Very informed and down to earth guy, definitely a gym buddy that I do not regret meeting

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