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How To Get Back In Shape After The Summer Holidays

Welcome back! Did you have fun? Have you done too many nasty things you’re gonna regret?

Did you use protect… ah no wait, we need to talk about gym and stuff here...

Ok ok ok, so, you YOLOed your holidays away and now you feel completely like shit. Weak, beer belly and OMG where did all my gainz go?!

holiday workout screwcap

When I came back from my short holidays I was a total wreck. Lost a lot of weight due to not eating enough and don’t get me even started on the strength. But hey, here I am now stronger than ever.

This is what you can do to get back on track after your holidays.

#1 Get Back On Track YESTERDAY

Don’t wait for the new season to start or any other bullshit excuse to get your routine back on track.

As soon as you get back, make training and eating healthy your number one priority.

Action steps:

  1. Write down your meal plan
  2. Open your fridge and pantry and check what you need to buy at the supermarket
  3. Make a grocery shopping list (pen and paper or Evernote are good for this)
  4. Go to the supermarket and buy everything you wrote down and nothing more
  5. Meal prep or store everything in fridge/pantry
  6. Cook your first healthy meal and commit to keep eating healthy from that moment on

Once you get the momentum going, with such simple actions as getting your foods in check, it’s time to get back to the gym.

Re-establish your old working schedule and get back to the gym as soon as you can.

Cinderella excuses lifting

Experience the rush of good emotions you’ll get from a good workout and accomplishing small but important goals.

Remember, the key is to resume the good ol’ habits as soon as you’re back.

Otherwise, you risk of getting your ass too comfortable and postponing this forever.

#2 Wanna Try That New Thing, Honey?

A long break like the one for the summer holidays is a good time to re-evaluate your goal, your training schedule or your meal plan.

Having been away for a while will give you an “outsider” perspective on daily things that you normally don’t see since you are trapped in the routine.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you seeing results from a certain exercise?
  • Do you really like a certain recipe you've been eating a lot? Or would you rather experiment some new ones?
  • Am I doing too much/little volume for a certain body part?
  • Am I actually using good form for a certain exercise?

Don’t feel scared to question assumptions. You’ll have a different and refreshed perspective after your holiday.

This will help you declutter your life, your meal plan, and your training program.

This is the perfect moment to experiment.

#3 You Aren’t Stronger As You Used To Be

And that’s fine. You have time to get back where you left.

lost gainz meme

As a friend told me: “in 10 years, when you’ll look back, you won’t think about how weaker you were after coming back from holiday but how cool your experience during the holidays has been”.

That was such a mindshift for me. Unless you are competing and working out is literally your life, is it worth it to not having experiences not to lose your gains? Considering how easy it will be for you to get back on track.

Sure it kinda sucks to not be as strong as you were. But let the ego suffer for a bit, while you focus on getting back there.


When you get back at the gym, don’t try to use the weight that you used before leaving. It would be only depressing.

Just focus on finding the new 1RM for each exercise in your training schedule and work from there.

You can find the amount of weight that allows you to do max 3 reps (having still one in the tank) for compound exercises (squat, deadlift, overhead press, chin-ups) and 5 for isolation exercises.

Then, apply my workout hack to know the number of reps in the next training schedule and work it up from there.

You’ll get back on track quickly. Just keep at it, trust the process and reap the benefits!

#4 Time For Cutting (No EMO)

Unless you lost weight during the holiday, after the summer holidays it is also the best moment to cut.

You’re week anyway and you won’t notice much the strength losses that are going to occur during the cut.

Decrease 20% off your calories if you are an intermediate lifter and keep at it until you lose your belly. Depending on your starting point, this can take 2-4 weeks and then you’ll be able to smile again for an awesome bulking phase (I live for them).

After the holidays your mood will also be pretty elevated so cutting will be easier to cope with.

To know more about how much and how to cut, download my free guide "Eat Like A Human, Look Like A God".​


You had the time of your life during the summer holidays.

Now it’s time to get back and embrace #beastmode again.

it's time to get wheysted

Be sure to 1) start getting back in the habit of eating well and training asap, 2) review what’s working and what is not, 3) test again your 1RM to establish where to start from without getting discouraged and finally 4) maybe this would be a good time for you to cut to lower your body fat before the awesome bulking season ahead.

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