How Not To Use MyFitnesspal

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How Not To Use MyFitnessPal

"Gonna get this shit together"
"This is my year bro, this year I'm gonna look like a freaking Marvel character"
"You'll see the chicks. All into me, bro, all of them"
"Got my training program, now let me install MyFitnessPal"
"This shit is GOING DOOOOWN brah"

I like your attitude bro, let me give you that. That's the right mindset.

But the right mindset doesn't stop you to make dumb as fuck mistakes.

And since MyFitnessPal is gonna be your guiding star for your food intake during your life changing fitness journey, you wanna be sure that your guiding star is a good one or you'll gonna be ending in either fat-land or skinny-land and everyone is going to wonder how that possibly happened.

Let's see now how NOT to use MyFitnessPal.

#1 Use The Pre-Set Goal Calculator

If you really wanna become either fat or skinny you should really let MyFitnessPal decide how many calories you should eat every day. Because MyFitnessPal doesn't know shit about you and furthermore it's made for the general population and you, my friend, are the elite, the cream of society, the one who wants to get a body that is outside the average and compares just next to the gods.

MyFitnessPal doesn't know that, so fuck their system and don't use it.

fake abs

well...unless you wanna do like him...


Set as caloric intake and macros split whatever you calculated after reading my book "Eat Like A Human, Look Like A God". This is my free nutrition guide where you will find in incredible details how to determine the numbers to plug in MyFitnessPal.

#2 Never Check If The Nutrition Label Is The Same As The One On MyFitnessPal

If you don't want to track your calories properly, you should never check that the food you selected has actually the same macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat) as the nutrition label reports.

someone stop me before I read the nutrition label

This is a very common mistake people make with MyFitnessPal, they "trust" the app too much and don't check if the food has really the exact amount of calories as the label reports.

For foods as vegetables that do not have a nutrition label, you should use either the foods with a green tick or the ones from the USDA database. For instance, if you want to add strawberries write "strawberries USDA".

You can also check general foods nutrition label in Google by just typing the name of the food or by going to SELFNutritionData or using the USDA food database.


Check the label on your food and check the value on MyFitnessPal.

Do they match? Good, go ahead and add it.

Don't they match? Check for a better alternative or create your own food item inside MyFitnessPal (you can easily do this within the app).

#3 Choose The Wrong Foods And The Wrong Serving Sizes

The best way to do this is to eat something loaded with calories and insert in MyFitnessPal the docile version of it.

For example, eating at McDonald's and entering in the app: beef patty, 100g.

Don't freaking cheat yourself, you ass!

This is about trying to get somewhere and having some results.

Cheating is only going to hinder your own goals.


Choose the exact same food you are eating and check whether the nutrition label is correct to match the one on the food's packaging.

Weight your food with a scale and use measuring cups for liquids. Don't cheat!

#4 Using MyFitnessPal Just When You Remember

The easiest way to not having results in inconsistency so if you are doing this, well done, you're on the right nowhere.

Track your calories every day and for every meal.

Only like this, you will have consistent data that you can analyze and tinker in case you are having results that are not bringing you towards your goal.


Build the habit to use MyFitnessPal every time before eating your food.

Make a commitment with a friend to check the app for you at the end of the day. If you didn't report everything you owe him/her 100$. I bet you're gonna be the most avid MyFitnessPal reporter out there.

(Not As Bad) #4 Add Your Food After Eating

This is especially for beginners in calories tracking.

myfitnesspal forgot

What if you track after and you realized that you went way overboard with your calories?


Put all your foods in MyFitnessPal before even cooking them so that you are sure about the quantities and the calories at the end.


Now you got here practical tips on how to use MyFitnessPal and avoid the common mistakes people do.

diet soda family guy

Remember to always check your foods' label, to check for serving size and to always use the app (at least until you are comfortable with knowing how much you eat).

With these tips, your incredibly sexy abs are just behind the corner!

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