How to Handle Overeating

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What To Do If You Overeat

So that happened.

"Why am I so freaking full like I'm gonna explode?!"

"Well, I ate more fibers compared to the usual, they must be giving me this 'stone in the stomach' effect".

"But I feel like I'm exploding, I can't even move!"

Then it hit me.​


"I forgot to put the tortillas in MyFitnessPal!"​

Double tap. Add food. Scan tortillas. It's 160g.

"Holy fucking shit, it's 447 kcal more than I should have eaten!"​

If you are reading this, you are imagining what you would have done in my shoes:

  • ​puked
  • "screw my diet I'm gonna be forever fat"
  • cry out loud
  • "well, I'll remove it from MyFitnessPal and forget about it"

Let me tell you that, SHOCKER, all these options are wrong, nihilistic and, Jesus, crying, really?!?

This was my internal dialog after the disappointment in having forgotten to track my macros (disappointment which lasted 5 seconds):

"Whatever, I'll cut these calories from the next days".​

This is how your approach to dieting should be: relaxed.

Realize that you are in control.

Because, as we saw already, dieting is not rocket science, it just comes down to calories is vs calories out.

Thermodynamics, baby!


Let me show you which your options are if you happened to have overeaten:​



Cut the same amount of calories you overate from the day after.

e.g. you went over by 450 kcal. The day after you will eat 450 kcal less.
So, for instance, if your calorie intake is of 2450 kcal, you will eat 2000 kcal for the next day.

Remove calories from either carbs or fat. Don't touch your protein intake.

Recommended for: the next day is a rest day in which you are not going to train.​



Divide your "surplus" calories (how many calories you overate) in small chunks of around 100 kcal that you will remove from the following days.

Remove calories from either carbs or fat. Don't touch your protein intake.

Recommended for: the next day is a training day in which you are not going to train.​

These options are really easy if you are a serious person committed to getting that enviable looking-great-naked look.


But say you are not that kind of person and you don't track your calories.

In this case too it is really simple.

On the day after the binge, you have a PSMF day which it doesn't mean that you are going to act like a woman before her period but it means Protein Sparing Modified Fast.​

In brief, instead of having your typical meals, the day after you just eat protein and keep other nutrients at a bare minimum.

Let's make it practical: you can eat just casein/whey protein shakes or lean beef, chicken breast, egg whites, canned tuna in water.

Yeah, sad foods basically.

To not get extra hungry: drink green tea (with some chilli powder inside) and eat vegetables as zucchini, strawberries, broccoli which will make you feel satiated while being very low calories.

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What Not To Do After Overeating

That's it boys and gals, next time you eat too much, apply the little tricks we discussed and be the master of your nutrition!

Let me know in the comments below: what did you do that time you realized that you overate?